Our step-by-step guide from start to end of how we fitted the floor in the van, including all of the trials and errors in between. We’ve included the cost of all materials used to give an idea of what to expect when considering converting your own van.


Marine plywood:

The old hardboard floor that came with our van was nasty. It was damp and rotten from the pools of water that had been left to form beneath it. There was no way we could salvage it, and the first thing you need when building a van is a good base to work on.

We splashed out on 3 sheets of 12mm marine plywood from a friend and local timber merchant, and found one last use for the rotting old wood: drawing a template with it onto the new plywood. We cut it out with a jigsaw, including all the awkward circular holes around the raised bolt holes where the minibus seats would usually sit. We filled these with expanding foam.

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What you really need on your plywood floor is a good layer of insulation to keep your toesies warm. What we didn’t do was apply any kind of insulation whatsoever, and are still paying for our mistake to this day. Cold rises out of the floor and chills your feet unless you’re wearing slippers, but unless we were to start the build again from scratch we have no way of adding any in now. Instead we manage with thick rugs, but please don’t make the same mistake we did.

We laid down a cheap roll of 2m x 2m lino bought from eBay for just £15. Despite the price it turned out to actually be decent quality, and the vintage oak looked lovely with the lighter cladding. It only took us half an hour and a can of No-Nonsense spray adhesive and it was done. Why couldn’t everything in the van be this simple?

We added a right angle trim around the step area of the van, using more No More Nails and (ironically) a nail gun to finish off the edges of the Lino.

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Total cost and materials used:

3 sheets of 12mm marine plywood from a local timber merchant - £70

2m x 2m vintage oak Lino from eBay - £15

No Nonsense spray adhesive from Screwfix - £3.49

Oak right angle trim from Jewsons - £17*


* Trade price


Total cost:




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