Mar 12, 2018

best vans for your DIY camper conversion


Edited: Mar 12, 2018


Whether you want to live in a van full-time or just want to use it as a weekend camper, VanLife helps you get outside and start adventuring. But not everyone can afford pricey custom builds from companies like Outside Van or Sportsmobile, especially when price tags run well over $100,000.

If the DIY route sounds more up your alley, don’t despair. There are plenty of forums—like the VanDwellers Reddit, the Vanual, and Sprinter Forum—to help you install everything from swivel seats to bed platforms.

The most important question is which type of van you should buy. And while we don’t have quite as many options as camper-loving countries in Europe, there are some solid choices stateside. Originally used as work trucks, these big, boxy vans can provide a blank slate for all your DIY VanLife dreams. To help you get started, here are our picks for the best cargo vans—all available for purchase here in the U.S.—for converting into Class B campers.


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    Sep 5

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