Apr 2, 2018

Outside Van’s Power Station Is Perfect for Off-the-Grid Glob


Edited: Apr 2, 2018


When it comes to the Power Station, there are certainly more aerodynamic and alluring vehicles on the road, but few are as capable. The $320,000 mobile home-away-from-home is the handcrafted creation of Oregon-base outside , which takes $60,000 Mercedes-Benz Sprinter 4×4 vans and turns them into, well, whatever their customers desire.

“One client wanted the van for mountain biking outside of Las Vegas, so we built something that sleeps six, had a small garage for the bikes, as well as smoke machines and an $18,000 lighting system so they could have raves in the desert,” says Erik Ekman, chief executive officer of Outside Vans. “Another couple insisted we build lots of secret padded compartments so they could go on long road trips for gem shopping. What people want, we can do.”

Ekman has been tweaking vans for nearly three decades after first catching the bug as a diehard surfer. He’s now perfectly positioned to capitalize on the breaking wave, which attracts everyone from successful techies eager to get into nature to true bohemians whose van is their home.


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