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Aug 22

Need Suggestion for Van Insurance

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Hello Everyone!


Actually, we recently bought a new camper van and I am looking to get insurance for this camper van. In addition, my insurance coverage of my car is also ending. So, my question is about the best multi car insurers of the United Kingdom.


When I searched online, I found this site to explore about the best multi car insurance companies in the UK. However, I need to know more about these mentioned companies that's why I want to know about the reviews of users that are getting services from these companies. I would also be grateful if you share any other source with me about the cheap multi car insurers of the UK.


I am waiting for your serious suggestions.





Nov 5

I am glad to read this info. genius


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    Greetings! As we have tried of going outside while our tours for toilets purpose that's why now, decided to install a proper campervan toilet. According to my husband, we should go with the Outdoor revolution Big Loo. Though I was willing to go with a complete toilet with a sound flushing system but in camper life, it is tough or impossible nowadays. On the other hand, we are also considering Dometic 970 as a toilet option. I found good reviews about it but we are a little worried because it will eat our savings. Yes, it is an expensive option. All in all, we have a variety of options in this regard but little confused which would be the right toilet for van campers. So, in this regard, I would like to hear suggestions, especially experiences from you guys. Therefore, just come and share your experiences. I am waiting for your responses.
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    Hi Everyone! My husband just purchased a secondhand van for both personal and commercial purpose but due to short of money, we are suffering to insurance that van. Some of my husband's friend suggested him to get temporary van insurance. We searched for quotes for temporary insurance here https://www.tempvaninsure.co.uk/ and found them reasonable. Certification is also easy and quick but we don't know about the limitations of temporary van insurance. If you know about temporary van insurance then please share your experience with us.
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