Feb 19, 2018


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Had a great time today playing with Nicole and Adam! Join us tomorrow for more fun! I created a schedule so it is easier for all of us to organize, to meet and to actually play together which is the whole purpose of this post! If you are a new player and want to play together with us just check the schedule, pm me in game Mad Zikx and you are good to go!





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Ben Fuery
Feb 19, 2018

Hi, not sure I'm following the post. Could you please elaborate?

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  • Lindsa Mark
    Sep 24

    Hi Everyone! My husband is looking to buy a new campervan for our within country tours with family. However, I have an opinion to get a used motorhome instead of it. In the beginning, my husband's vote is only for new vehicle either it would be a campervan or motorhome. Nevertheless, all of online articles and market researches refer to get a used RV because time and mileage affect the value of recreational vehicles. I also shared this article about evaluation of RV deprecation across different classes with my husband and found little change in his stance due to 30% discount because of depreciation. But, he is still emphasizing on more research that's why I started this thread here. Therefore, what are your recommendations in this regard? I am with motorhome because it has more space as compared to campervan.
  • elianabrininger
    Dec 28, 2018

    Hi Guys! I am mom of two teens and like to spend winters at home. But, it is the toughest work to be a mom of teens. My 13 years daughter and 11 years son are passionate to go for a picnic in this winter. My husband managed to rent a RV and we are finalizing our tour. Probably, we would go to visit national parks and beaches. I am preparing tool box. Would you like to suggest which is the best drill bits that we should add into our tool box for this tour? Secondly, please also tell us some precautionary measures to avoid theft. Taking CB radio with us to be aware about severe weather conditions.
  • kasigo2526
    Aug 22

    Two Turkish soldiers and the driver of a prisoner transport vehicle carrying them were killed in an accident in northern Turkey on April 1, a security source said. In a wooded area of the Karabük province’s Yenice district, the van, which was carrying several soldiers and an inmate, went off the road and down a hill some 100 meters high, said the source, who asked not to be named due to restrictions on talking to the media. Medical rescue and emergency teams as well as gendarmerie forces rushed to the scene. Two soldiers were killed, while 13 soldiers and the inmate Gurbet Kalaycı were injured, the source added. The injured were taken to hospitals in Yenice and central Karabük. At the Karabuk Training and Research Hospital, driver Ramazan Işık succumbed to his wounds. The other people injured were in good condition, according to information from the hospital. The accident took place when the van was returning to prison from the funeral of Hüsnü Kalaycı, the inmate’s brother. For More You Can Check: Smart contract technology example