Recently we've been chatting to our friends over at Goboony about the opportunities they provide to either hire or rent a unique camper van, and we wanted to share a little with you about the benefits this could have for aspiring vanlifers and van owners alike.

It’s a truly wonderful feeling to be the owner of a van, whether you’re full-time, part-time or just in it for the weekends, a camper van can provide you with untold freedom and unique adventures that you just can’t experience any other way. Camping on the beach, campfire cook-outs with your own tiny kitchen adjacent, driving along the world’s most scenic roads… But what about those times when you’re not in your van? Those months between trips, saving up and planning for the next adventure, while your van sits lonely in your driveway?


Well what if you could make some cash out of your camper van when it’s not in use, and give others the chance to experience vanlife in all its glory? This is where websites like Goboony come in. They give camper van owners the opportunity to make some extra money by hiring out their vans when they’re not using them, and in return this gives others an unforgettable roadtrip camping experience, and helps you save up quicker for your next adventure- it’s a win-win all round.

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As many of you know (at the time of writing) we are working on converting our second van, a 1979 Bedford CF into a beautiful camper van for a family of four, to hire out year-round, allowing us to fund our travels full-time and allowing families to enjoy the experience of driving and camping in a beautiful hand-built classic camper. For us, Goboony seemed like the perfect company to advertise it through.


You set the hire rates, you keep 100% of the money as, just like AirBnB, the traveller pays the service charge. You can set the “house rules” for your van, and personally check each potential renter’s profile before you agree to let them hire your van. 


For the renter, Goboony has over 2000 camper vans to choose from, plus you get to chat to the owner personally and even take their van for a test drive before you decide to hire it. Goboony provides personal phone support eight hours a day, and requires just a £150 deposit and a 15% downpayment to book your chosen camper van. Currently renters can choose a camper van to hire from 10 different countries across Europe, with the bulk of their vans currently available from the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, although their base is rapidly expanding.


Best of all, Goboony’s blog on their website is always being updated with inspirational ideas for your travels, must-see destinations, tips for owners and holidayers alike, and unique experiences that can be had with your chosen camper van. You could be weaving through the vineyards of France, exploring quaint little towns and soaking in the culture of Belgium, tasting the local produce in Spain or just enjoying the rugged nature across the United Kingdom. Whether you’re a family looking for a holiday, a couple searching for a romantic weekend break, or maybe you’re heading to a festival or event, hiring a camper van is a great way to get an unforgettable experience.


Many people have messaged us in the past asking what they should include in their camper van conversion, and our answer is always this: go on a camping trip, take your empty van or hire one out, get a feel for what things are essential to you and get a little taste of vanlife before you decide to commit to it full time. You may realise you need a bigger van, or that a full size Luton is overkill; you may realise you can’t live without a woodburner or a way to charge your laptop, or you may think you can do without all of the mod cons altogether. Renting a van and heading out on a roadtrip for a week or two is the best way of figuring out your own van conversion essentials.

You can check out our interview with Goboony over on their website, and browse through their huge range of camper vans for hire as well as their inspiring blog posts by clicking the links.


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