Traveller's Guide to Western Europe

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Many of the park ups we visited ourselves were out of peak season. Where we may have noted they were quiet, it's likely that in the summer months, some aren't. Some of the park ups aren't strictly allowed and we can't take any responsibility if lack of common sense lands people in trouble. Some park ups are on land covered by by-laws that prevent overnight parking during peak season. A few definitely don't allow overnight stays of any kind but are so remote the chances of being seen are next to none. None of our personal park ups have been on personal private property. Some are on private council / government property and the majority are on what appears to be common land or public spaces. If you are unsure, check for signs, ask around, move on or just wing it and see what happens. We've wild camped for over twelve months across eighteen countries and so far have had no issues. 

We've been filling up from natural water sources quite a lot however you should be sure it is safe to drink before filling bottles and tanks. Be extra careful after bad weather and if in doubt, ask the locals.