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A couple of years ago we featured in a van tour video with The Indie Projects and someone asked, "Hey, do these guys make YouTube videos?"

It was from that point onwards we decided to start not only photographing and writing stories about our adventures, but also filming our crazy adventures around Europe too.

Our videos centre largely around the Balkans, featuring crazy driving roads, encounters with locals, the food we try, the hot springs we bathe in and a behind the scenes look at our photo documentary projects. We push our LDV to its very limits, climbing mountain roads, exploring wild, remote landscapes and occasionally she'll get some respite when we park up at some incredible camp spots for a few days.

We've created a little guide to our travelogue series right here so if you fancy a flick through our channel you can easily find something that interests you.

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Ep.1 S01: Snowy Mountains & Wild Hot Springs

In our first ever travelogue you can follow our journey through the snowy mountains of Greece to the wild hot springs of Albania. We recap our adventure so far through 19 countries, travelling around Europe in our rusty self-built LDV Convoy before capturing the action as we cross some dangerously snowy Greek mountains in a bid to avoid a toll road, discover some beautiful Albanian hot springs in a valley and meet a family of stray cats along the way.

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Ep.2 S01: Wild camping on the Albanian Riviera

In the second episode we leave the hot springs of Përmet and head towards the beautiful Albanian Riviera. Join us as we seek out a perfect spot to wild camp, avoiding crazy drivers and severely storm-damaged roads every step of the way. Expect cows, goats and the greatest driving road in all of Albania!

Ep.3 S01: Meeting the king of a castle

In episode three we leave the coast of Albania and head inland to visit medieval Berat; The City of a Thousand Windows. We meet up with local guide and real-life King of the Castle who shows us around his wonderful city and talks to us about the religious tolerance Berat is famous for. Will we easily find somewhere to stay further inland? Or will we get totally stuck in the mud?!  

Ep.4 S01: Albania's Most Isolated Villages: Pt.1

In the fourth installment we leave Berat behind us and discover one of the most isolated villages in Albania. Hours from the nearest town with supplies, villagers here face many daily battles against the elements. How do they survive the winter months and thrive in such an isolated community? We stay with a wonderful host family and explore what life was like in the mountain villages during the dark communist era, and uncover some startling information about the conditions that some of the oldest residents are up against during the long winter months.

Ep.4 S01: Albania's Most Isolated Villages: Pt.2

In part two of our journey into the Albanian Alps we explore one of the most isolated villages in Albania. Hours from the nearest town with supplies, villagers here face many daily battles against the elements. How do they survive the winter months and thrive in such an isolated community? We stay with a wonderful host family and explore what life was like in the mountain villages during the dark communist era, and uncover some startling information about the conditions that some of the oldest residents are up against during the long winter months.



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Ep.6 S01: Wild Camping In The Albanian Alps

In episode six we leave the inhabitants of Koman Lake behind and discover a hidden gem amongst Albania's jewels; The Accursed Mountains, otherwise known as the Albanian Alps. This rugged and awe-inspiring landscape came as a total surprise to us as we tried to head to Theth to continue our documentary project, but were forced to turn away due to the extremely dangerous road access. We find a beautiful spot to wild camp in and Lucy washes her hair in a FREEZING river, then we attempt to shelter from a massive storm.

Ep.7 S01: Wild Camping on an Ex-Military Base

Join us in episode seven as, with heavy hearts, we leave Albania behind, and venture into unknown territory in Montenegro. However, as always, our journey is never plain sailing, and we run into trouble with the Albanian police on our way to the border. Once across, we take you on a tour of one of Montenegro's best-known and creepiest abandoned war bunkers- this episode is not for the faint-hearted!

Ep.8 S01: Vanlife Isn't Easy! Breaking Down

In episode eight join us for a real taste of vanlife and its ups and downs, when our van breaks down at the top of a mountain in Montenegro. Before that we attempt to head inland to Durmitor National Park, but are stopped in our tracks by snow and stormy weather. Then a series of problems emerges as our brakes fail, our cold water stops running and finally so does our van. Will we ever make it off the mountain and get our van repaired?

Ep.9 S01: Wild Camping in Croatia

In the ninth episode follow us on our adventure as we attempt to make our way from Montenegro to Bosnia and Herzegovina via Croatia. We cross five- yes five- borders in two days, attempting to make our way into Bosnia and Herzegovina, and along the way we pick up an English couple in their Vauxhall Movano camper who decide to convoy with us! Not only that, but we explore one of the biggest abandoned hotel complexes we've ever laid eyes upon. Will we make it into Bosnia & Herzegovina? Will Shaun and Emily's van even make it to the border, or will their wheels fall off first?

Ep.10 S01: Wintertime at Plitvice Lakes

Follow us in the tenth installment on our adventure North to the Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. We leave the coast of Split behind and journey several hours inland despite severe weather warnings, and find ourselves in a Winter wonderland at the stunning Plitvice Lakes. You can expect plenty of snow, ice, blizzards and incredible views along the way, and we throw a couple of snowball fights and a dash of blizzard driving into the mix for good measure too.

Ep.11 S01: Running From A Winter Storm

In the eleventh episode follow us on our adventure as we leave Croatia behind and try to escape the winter storm by heading towards France. We make a hasty(ish) escape from the wild and windy coast of Croatia, and head briefly North through snowy Slovenia before crossing into Italy. We manage to avoid the snow right up until the last leg of Italy, where things take a turn for the worse. As we ascend the final mountain pass before reaching the milder coast, the conditions continue to worsen until we can no longer continue driving. With temperatures plummeting to -14C and snow falling heavily, will our vans survive the night?

Ep.12 S01: Snow in the South of France

Join us as we come to the end of our 5-country, 1500 mile journey across Europe in episode twelve, starting in Montenegro and ending in France. In episode 11 we left you hanging as we were camped at the top of a mountain in Italy with temperatures quickly plummeting to -14°C. In this episode we awake to find our van frozen inside and out and refusing to start. With a little help from an impatient Italian and alot of help from our friends, we journey on through Italy with kaders_adventures in convoy, tackling a lethally icy hill, two breakdowns and crazy Italian drivers along the way. We also treat you to a tour of kaders_adventures' quirky and unique Vauxhall Movano campervan. But will we make it to the Pyrenees in one piece?

Ep.13 S01: Natural Hot Springs In The Pyrenees

In our all-time most popular video and the thirteenth installment of Rusty Roadtrips we arrive in the Pyrenees in search of hidden hot springs. First we venture to the most popular springs in the Catalan Pyrenees accessible only by a valley hike across a stream. Then, having not had our fill, we attempt to hike to a second thermal pool only to get lost somewhere in the mountains. Finally, just in case you hadn't had enough of snow in our previous vlogs (because we sure haven't yet), there's a dusting of that too, as well as a short trip into Andorra before we finally make it to warmer climates in Catalonia in search of a mechanic.

Ep.14 S01: Free Spanish Hot Springs

Join us in episode fourteen as we explore the finest (and not so finest) hot springs that Spain has to offer. Our journey begins in Catalonia and winds its way South through the mountains and National Parks of Spain, where we test out some of the most secluded hot springs and hidden park ups we can find, before ending up in the beautiful mountain town of Guadalest.

Ep.15 S01: Thermal Baths and Desert Paths

Episode number fifteen sees us in the South of Spain but the adventures aren’t any less exciting as we go in search of a week-long free festival, a secret beach at the end of a river canyon and some of the best hot springs we’ve ever had the pleasure of bathing in. On the way we stop off to see some of Andalusia’s most incredible natural sights, like the Tabernas Desert, and the Sierra Nevada mountain range. But it’s never straightforward in a Rusty Roadtrip episode, as we’re not the only ones to get stuck in mud caused by Spain’s wettest Spring season yet, and at one point we also get chased away by angry locals.

Ep.16 S01: Festival Time in Portugal!

Join us on another adventure in episode sixteen as we leave the hot springs of Santa Fe and journey South around the Sierra Nevada mountains to visit an off-grid hippy commune near Orgiva. From here we venture on to Portugal with our hitchhiker, where we have the pleasure of attending the biggest and best festival we've ever been to: Freekuency. You can expect funny stories, quirky off-grid eco-homes and some feel good summer festival vibes, as well as an epic van spotting compilation of all the amazing vans, trucks and double arctic lorries that appeared at the festival!

Ep.17 S01: 2000km in 5 days!

Join us for our seventeenth and FINAL vlog (from this series) as we begin our journey home, driving through Portugal, Spain and France then finally back to Cornwall for an emotional reunion with our families. But this is the final episode of Rusty Roadtrips, so you know nothing will go to plan.⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ You can expect torrential rain, a final dose of snow, one last hot spring session, a visit to the Rainbow Gathering and a very angry Frenchman. And trust us, you’re gonna want to watch until the end, because this episode’s a real tearjerker (neither of us can watch the ending without tearing up).⁣

Ep.1 S02: We're back in Europe! Broken Down Already?!

In the first episode in a brand-spanking new series of Rusty Roadtrips we'll be letting you in on our winter adventure plans, answering your questions with regards to the Bedford project AND introducing someone who's coming along for the journey.Not to mention showing you everything we've been up to whilst travelling through South East France.

This time round we'll have new camera gear and audio equipment - bringing a higher level of production - new ideas for the series and plenty of drama along the way! Expect the usual realistic outlook we share as we travel in our rusty old van eventually arriving in the Balkans for months and months of fun, pandemonium and misadventure.

Oh yeah, we've broken down already! Stay tuned to see what happens...

Ep.2 S02: Wild Italian Hot Springs + Driving Stelvio PasS

In the second episode we get our (un)trustworthy van repaired and hit the road again in search of some wild hot springs high in the Italian Alps. Whilst in the Stelvio National Park, we visit close-by Livigno, a tax-free town on the border of Switzerland where we fill our tank and enjoy a delicious Italian pizza before driving the world famous Stelvio Pass.

Watch us invite cows (yes, actual cows) in to our home, get lost searching for a second, hidden hot spring and check out a local produce market.

Ep.3 S02: Ex-Soviet Ghost Town & Crossing Three Countries

Ever wanted to step inside an abandoned Soviet Ghost Town? Stick around to explore the ghostly remnants of Hungary's Soviet past.

In the third episode we go hiking in Italy’s famous Dolomites, reaching a cloudy, frozen lake before discovering a closed-off forest road where severe rain storms have changed the landscape forever. We cross in to Slovenia and spend a very foggy night deep in the forest surrounding Velika Planina. From here we cross in to Hungary where we check out Central Europe’s largest lake- Lake Balaton, and go for a dip along the icy shores.

On our way to Hungary's capital city- Budapest, we stumble across an abandoned Soviet ghost town (Szentkirályszabadja) and can't resist exploring the historical remains of this once densely populated urban sprawl.

Ep.4 S02: The Horsemen of Hortobagy & Budapest's Hidden Market

Meet the Csikos, the traditional herdsman of Hungary and explore one of Budapest's best-kept secrets with us. In this part-documentary part-vlog (vlogumentary?) we start off in Budapest, the capital of Hungary where we meet two zero-waste advocates and explore Bosnyak Ter, a sprawling suburban market hidden away on the fringes of the city. Here we discover how local produce shopping can lessen our negative impact on the environment, whilst learning how using zero waste methods of purchasing and getting to know your weekly suppliers on friendly terms can really bolster your shopping experience on a personal and global scale.

As we say goodbye to our friends Dora and Edvárd, we drive in to the city centre and set about a whirlwind tour of the sights before stopping for a drink at the famous Szimpla Kert- the most famous ruin bar in the city. After we've exhausted the city, it's time to head to the East of the Hungary to Hortobagy National Park - a whole world apart from the bustling capital - where we meet with Adam and Dóri. Adam is a traditional horse-mounted herdsman along with his father, a profession that has run through his family for generations.

Here we learn about the work of the Mata Stud Farm, the lineage of Hungarian livestock, and the work of the csikós before joining Adam and Dóri for a traditionally-prepared meal. The next day we experience one of the most important days in the calendar of Hortobagy- Szent Dömötör day before retreating once more to the farm for a celebration. Join us as we delve deep into two sides of Hungarian culture and explore this beautiful country with us.

Ep.5 S02: We Visit A Roma Village

Ever wanted to immerse yourself in Romani culture and find out what goes on behind the doors of these often overlooked and stigmatised communities?

In our fifth video we say our goodbyes in Hungary after an incredible time visiting Budapest, the capital city and Hortobagy National park where we stayed with a local Horseman and his wife. Before we leave, we delve in to an abandoned military barracks and try to reach the tower, but once inside, we find we aren't alone.

As we leave Hungary, the border station decide they aren't happy with our friends Canadian passport, and they hold us for investigation. Will ever leave?!

Spoiler, yes we will. As we enter Romania, our memories of this beautifully crazy country come flooding back. We make a brief stopover in Cluj Napoca, the capital of the Transylvanian region of Romania. As we enter the second half of the travelogue, we arrive at an old friends house. Tibi is from the Romani community in Romania, a separate ethnic group thought to originate from the Punjab region of India over 3000 years ago. He warmly invites us in to his home where we eat a feast of traditional foods, before cranking the music up and introducing us to Romani music and dance.

We explore the village, meet the locals, hear stories, learn traditional basket weaving from one of the villages oldest weavers and drink plenty of Rakia! Join us as we experience authentic Roma life, from a completely honest viewpoint. Witness the effects social stigma plays in modern life for Romani people, and the warmth and hospitality the villagers display, despite the obvious language and social barriers.

Ep.6 S02: Bear Hunting In Romania!

We head to Bucegi National Park nr Brașov, Romania to see whether all the recent hype around bear sightings here is true. Will we successfully seek out a brown bear?

What else do we get up to? Besides a spot of bear hunting, we drive across Southern Romania, taking in some incredible scenery along the way before waving goodbye to our final EU destination for some time, and heading in to the central Balkan Republic of Serbia. In this episode, we say farewell to our Canadian friend, Danna as she heads off for warmer climates.